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Ana Isabel Ribeiro has a background in Geography and holds a PhD in Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine University of Porto. She is currently Research Associate at the Institute of Public Health of University of Porto and Principal Investigator in the project ‘The influence of exposure to urban air pollutants, green and blue spaces, and biodiversity on the development of allergic diseases and asthma in children’. Ana has authored and co-authored dozens of scientific papers, reports and communications. She is particularly interested in understanding how the place of residence shapes individuals’ health and in evaluating the socioeconomic and environmental inequalities in health and health-related behaviours.


André Moreira

André Moreira works as an allergist in the Centro Hospitalar São João and an allergy and asthma researcher in the Faculty of Medicine and in the Public Health Institute of the University of Porto.



João Cavaleiro Rufo completed a PhD in Occupational Health by the University of Porto, diagnosis and prevention of paediatric asthma are his main research interests. Worked at INEGI’s Laboratory of Indoor Air Quality between 2013 and 2015. Main research fields include breathomics and occupational exposure to indoor air quality parameters, always in a clinical immunology perspective. He his currently working in the Exalar 21 project, at the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto, where the exposure to several urban environmental factors are being investigated as possible contributors to the development of allergic diseases and asthma in children.  



Ana Cristina Santos was born in Póvoa de Varzim, in 1974. She graduated in Nutrition Sciences in 1998 and teaches in the Faculty of Medicine of Porto (FMUP) since 2004. In 2003 concluded her Master in Public Health and in 2008 her PhD with an epidemiological research on metabolic syndrome. She teaches for the Masters in Public Health and Health Education and for the PhD Programme in Public Health. Since 2017, she is a FCT PhD researcher at ISPUP. She has developed research in national and international projects, in areas such as obesity epidemiology and perinatal epidemiology, which resulted in (co)authorship of more than 80 scientific publications. She coordinates the Perinatal and Pediatic Epidemiology Group of the EPIUnit. She is a member of the scientific committee of the “Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição” and she integrates the Editorial Board of the “Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Endocrinologia, Diabetes e Metabolismo”.



Inês Paciência is graduated in Clinical Analysis and Public Health by the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Lisboa, and obtained a Master Degree in Public Health by the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, with the thesis "Association between sleep duration and blood pressure in adolescence". She started her professional activity in 2011 as a research fellow, at the Laboratory of Indoor Air Quality. Currently, she is a PhD Student in Biomedical Sciences at ICBAS with the project "Environment and endocrine disruptor´s impact on childhood asthma ".



Isabel Martins is the Director of the Department of Urban Planning, Municipal Direction of Urbanism, from Porto City Council. She holds a PhD in Human Geography from the Faculty of Arts University of Porto and is a researcher at CEGOT - Centre of Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning (Centro de Estudos em Geografia e Ordenamento do Território da Universidade do Porto, Minho e Coimbra). She has authored and co-authored dozens of papers in books and in national and international scientific journals, especially on the topic of urban quality of life assessment and urban indicators systems.


Marta Cirach Researcher at ISGlobal (Barcelona)


Luís Delgado  Professor and Researcher at Faculty of Medicine University of Porto